1990 – ''Baka'' – Outback (Hannibal)1991 – ''Dance the Devil Away'' – Outback (Hannibal)1995 – ''Devon (12" Single)'' – Dr. Didg (Hannibal)1995 – ''Devon'' – Dr. Didg (Hannibal)1995 – ''Out of the Woods'' – Dr. Didg (Hannibal)1996 – ''[[Mickey Hart's Mystery Box]]'' – Mickey Hart ([[Rykodisc]])1998 – ''Serotonality'' – Dr. Didg (Hannibal)1998 – ''Made Ya Mine'' (Single) – Dr. Didg (Hannibal)1998 – ''[[Supralingua]]'' – Planet Drum (Rykodisc)1999 – ''Live Jams'' – Dr. [Read More]


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The Physics of the Didgeridoo | Didg Posts | Dr Didg Toggle navigation Dr Didg Discography Songs and Videos Articles Science Links The Physics of the Didgeridoo by Jim Wiggins on Friday, September 30, 2016 PHYSICS IN ACTIONThe physics of the didgeridooGraham C Wiggins Physics Bulletin, Volume 39, Number 7 AbstractThe didgeridoo is a traditional instrument of the Aborigines of northern Australia. [Read More]